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The COVID-19 pandemic caused people to rely on technology to a degree unimaginable only a few months earlier. “Sheltering in place” was more bearable and less disruptive as people turned to the internet and tech tools for work, school, entertainment, socializing, shopping, healthcare, and more. Yet, every benefit from technology highlighted remaining challenges.


Broadband networks proved resilient, but revealed the consequences of digital divides as people without reliable broadband access, students in particular, were suddenly even further disadvantaged than they were previously. Social media kept people connected virtually when they could not connect physically, but also contributed to confusion about the virus and potential cures, raising new questions about the responsibilities of social platforms. Smartphones created a means for tracking and tracing infectious people, but that use ran headlong into privacy concerns. The gig economy provided a livelihood to many people newly out of work, but revealed how social safety nets excluded many gig workers.


This year’s TPI Aspen East Forum, scheduled for October 16-18 at the Boar's Head Resort in Charlottesville, VA, will tackle these issues and more. Through panel discussions, keynotes, fireside chats and off-the-record breakout sessions, participants will sort through experiences with the pandemic to discuss what we learned about tech policy—what worked, what did not, what we still need to understand, and how policy can make technology work for everyone.


** We understand the concerns about attending a conference in this time of social distancing. We promise to have plenty of space, indoors and out, for you to breathe and think.​ Attendance is limited to 150 to encourage a relaxed atmosphere and rigorous, intimate, and meaningful discussions.

For additional information, please contact Jane Creel at jcreel@techpolicyinstitute.org.

Boar's Head Resort

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