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Andrew Ferguson, Federal Trade Commission
Anna M. Gomez, Federal Communications Commission

Melissa Holyoak, Federal Trade Commission

Konstantinos Masselos, Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission

Shira Perlmutter, U.S. Copyright Office

Adam Scott, CRTC

...More to Come!


The Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence

How Should We Regulate the Digital World?

The Economic Implications of New Broadband Competition

Trust, Safety, and Elections

View from Capitol Hill

Antitrust: The Next Four Years

Tech and the Courts: What’s a Major Question?

Navigating Trade, TikTok, and Transistors: Balancing Free Speech, Economic Growth, and National Security

Breakout Sessions

Unleashing Spectrum Potential: Aligning Allocation with Economic Imperatives

Closing the Digital Divide: An Assessment of BEAD's Early Progress

By Grabthar's Hammer, What a Challenge: Navigating the Frontier of Space Policy and Governance

Synthesizing Perspectives on AI for Effective Policy

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