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Johannes Bauer

Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission

Johannes M. Bauer is Chief Economist at the Federal Communications Commission. His research examines the design of policies, regulation, and other governance mechanisms that are needed to secure the full benefits of advanced information and communication technologies for society while mitigating their potential risks. Within that broad research program, he has a particular interest in policies affecting the availability and quality of broadband infrastructure, the governance of digital platform ecosystems, as well as policies that support digital innovation (5G/6G, Internet of Things, AI) and entrepreneurship in advanced technologies. His research also addresses the distributional aspects of regulation and policy mechanisms that can be deployed to advance digital equity and inclusion to ensure that technologies benefit all members of society. Dr. Bauer has worked with practitioners in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in the United States, helping to find workable approaches to complex policy challenges.

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