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Jennifer Warren


Vice President, Civil & Regulatory Affairs, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Jennifer A. Warren is Vice President, Civil & Regulatory Affairs (C&RA) for Lockheed Martin Corporation. In this capacity, she is responsible for leading the corporation’s US Government civil customer relationships, outside of NASA and NOAA, as well as the corporation’s regulatory team engagement across the Executive Branch, Independent Agencies and Intergovernmental Bodies on Lockheed Martin programs, technologies and systems. The C&RA regulatory portfolio includes spectrum governance, 5G, commercial space, crewed/uncrewed aviation, ocean minerals, and emerging technologies. Ms Warren serves on Federal Advisory Committees, including as an appointed member of NASA Advisory Council’s Regulatory Policy Committee, and has just completed serving as Co-Chair of the Department of Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee (CSMAC). Ms Warren holds leadership positions in several professional / trade organizations, including the Boards of the Satellite Industry Association and the US ITU Association. In 1996, Ms Warren joined Lockheed Martin’s Space & Strategic Missiles Sector, and in 2001 she became part of LM Washington Operations. Prior to Lockheed Martin, she served in several senior roles at the US Federal Communications Commission; before joining the US Government, Ms Warren worked for the Commission of the European Union – both in Brussels, and in Washington, DC, – with a focus on EU-US trade. She is also a graduate of Georgetown University (B.S. in Languages) and Georgetown University Law Center (J.D.)

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