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Director, NERA Economic Consulting

Hector Lopez is the Director of NERA Economic Consulting. Dr. Lopez is an expert on market design, including auctions, procurement, and marketplaces. He has more than 10 years of experience in the strategy, design, implementation, regulation, pricing, and benchmarking of competitive processes. Dr. Lopez has led bidding strategy teams for companies participating in high-stake competitive processes, and design and implementation teams for governments, regulators, and companies buying or selling high-value items. Dr. Lopez has significant experience in the telecommunications sector in the Americas. He has worked on spectrum and infrastructure deployment (fiber and wireless) competitive processes in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and other jurisdictions in the Americas. In the US, Dr. Lopez provided strategy advice for a participant in the incentive auction. His client realized the highest return of all private equity participants. In Brazil, he advised an MNO on the worldwide 5G spectrum and obligations auction. His client acquired spectrum at half the price of his competitors and obtained fiber deployment obligations accounting for half the cost of his competitors. Dr. Lopez has experience with the most common auction formats, including combinatorial clock auctions (CCAs), simultaneous multiple-round auctions (SMRAs), clock auctions, and sealed-bid auctions. He provides on-site support and software tools using the latest research in game theory, optimization, simulations, econometrics, and experiments. Dr. Lopez has authored numerous articles and white papers on market design, telecommunication policy, open access, drones, electric vehicles, network sharing, and spectrum policy. He has presented his research at academic and industry conferences. Dr. Lopez has taught undergraduate and Ph.D. courses in microeconomic theory.

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