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Corbin Barthold


Internet Policy Counsel, TechFreedom

Corbin Barthold is Internet Policy Counsel at TechFreedom, a nonpartisan think tank dedicated to promoting technological progress. He writes on tech legal, regulatory, and social issues for a wide range of outlets, including City Journal, The Bulwark, Reason, Lawfare, Techdirt, and The Daily Beast. He also hosts the Tech Policy Podcast, where he interviews some of the tech world's best journalists, lawyers, and academics. Corbin previously served as Senior Litigation Counsel at Washington Legal Foundation, a public-interest law firm, where his practice focused on appeals involving administrative law, antitrust, and tech policy. Before that, he was a partner at Browne George Ross LLP (now Ellis George LLP), where he engaged in complex litigation. Corbin has served as a law clerk to two federal U.S. district court judges. He received his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.

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