TPIx Instructions

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the TPI Aspen Forum, we've minted the TPIx Cryptocoin.

The token attached to your promotional postcard has the public and private keys to a unique crypto wallet, which contains one TPIx coin.

Bring this token with you to the TPI Aspen Forum to access exclusive content.

The public key is the address of the wallet. The private key is the key to the wallet.

Never share a private key with anyone.

CAUTION: You can use this wallet to store any Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, but we strongly recommend that you do not and, moreover, that you make a separate wallet and transfer your TPIx to it.

You just gave me this wallet. Why should I transfer my TPIx out of it?

Because we created this wallet, we know your private key and can't guarantee that it is secure. Additionally, you should never trust a private key created by someone else and given to you.  Don’t fret, though. You’re not in any danger. As long as you don’t put any other coins in this wallet, then the worst thing that could happen if someone gets your private key is that they could steal your TPIx coin.

How do I transfer the TPIx?

Because private keys are not supposed to be shared, transferring it to a more convenient and secure wallet is not simple.

These are three ways to do it. (Click on each for details).

1. By yourself. Not for the faint of heart, although you will learn a lot about crypto ....

2. Let us help if you registered for the Forum. 

3. Let us do it for you in Aspen if you are coming to the Forum.

Can I Track My TPIX on the Blockchain?


What, exactly, is the TPIX?

So what is the plastic token?

What can I do with one TPIx?

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