TPIx Instructions

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the TPI Aspen Forum, we've minted the TPIx Cryptocoin.

The token attached to your promotional postcard has the public and private keys to a unique crypto wallet, which contains one TPIx coin.

Bring this token with you to the TPI Aspen Forum to access exclusive content.

The public key is the address of the wallet. The private key is the key to the wallet.

Never share a private key with anyone.

CAUTION: You can use this wallet to store any Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, but we strongly recommend that you do not and, moreover, that you make a separate wallet and transfer your TPIx to it.

You just gave me this wallet. Why should I transfer my TPIx out of it?

Because we created this wallet, we know your private key and can't guarantee that it is secure. Additionally, you should never trust a private key created by someone else and given to you.  Don’t fret, though. You’re not in any danger. As long as you don’t put any other coins in this wallet, then the worst thing that could happen if someone gets your private key is that they could steal your TPIx coin.

How do I transfer the TPIx?

Because private keys are not supposed to be shared, transferring it to a more convenient and secure wallet is not simple.

These are three ways to do it. (Click on each for details).


1. By yourself. Not for the faint of heart, although you will learn a lot about crypto ....

Completing the transfer is a multi-step process. The graphic below provides an overview, and detailed instructions follow.​

Get the 64 character private key from your plastic token by scanning the QR code on the private key side of the token using any QR code scanner app, including the mobile Chrome browser in iOS. Write down the code. NOTE: You should never send a private key by email. If someone else gets your private key they can steal the contents of your wallet. But we'll let it slide this one time only. In this case, the risk is small because the wallet will be empty once you complete these steps, and the worst that can happen if someone stole your key before the transfer is complete is that you lose your TPIx coin.

Go to

  • Click on "Access Your Wallet."

  • Click on “Software” on the right (not MEWConnect, Hardware, Metamask).

  • Click on “Private Key” (not Keystore File or Mnemonic Phrase options). These options are “Not Recommended,” but please proceed.

    • Type in your 64 character Private Key code.

    • The wallet should open to show you the Address, Balance, and Network.

  • Click on “+Custom Tokens” above the Tokens search bar on the right. To see your TPIx token in this wallet, enter the following information:

    • Token Contract Address: 0xaf4a9f13ef0a79764a7725da3b91913b12c1dd92

    • Token Symbol: TPIX

    • Decimals: 18

    • 1 TPIX will appear in your wallet after entering the custom token information.

Congratulations! You have opened a wallet that contains one TPIx coin that can now be transferred and traded. But you aren’t finished yet. This wallet is not secure because you’re using a non-recommended way to handle wallets with the private key code.

To keep your TPIx coin secure, you need to go further down the crypto rabbit hole and transfer it to a wallet with more security. This step requires creating yet another crypto wallet, buying some Ethereum (ETH), and paying a transaction fee to move the TPIx token on the blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency used as payment to process transactions on the blockchain. The transaction fee to move the TPIx token to another wallet will require probably be less than $0.25 worth of Ethereum.

Next, create an ERC20-compatible wallet on your phone. We recommend “Coinbase Wallet” due to its simplicity.

  • Download “Coinbase Wallet” from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. For the purposes of these instructions, this app will be labeled with double quotes "Coinbase Wallet" in order to distinguish it from the other service called Coinbase. Coinbase and "Coinbase Wallet" are made by the same company but are different products.   

  • Follow the instructions to create the "Coinbase Wallet" on your phone.

Buy some Ethereum.

  • Create an account on Coinbase (not "Coinbase Wallet" which you should have already done above). Remember, Coinbase and "Coinbase Wallet" are made by the same company but are different products.   

  • Buy at least $2 (two dollars) worth of Ethereum (ETH) in Coinbase ($0.99 transaction fee, and $1.01 for gas to transfer tokens). 

  • You will need to upload your driver's license or another form of identification for the AML/KYC regulations (anti-money laundering and know your customer rules). 

Coinbase Wallet


Send the ETH to MyEtherWallet.

  • From your Coinbase account, you can send Ethereum to another wallet.  

  • Go to your ETH Wallet in Coinbase.

  • Click “Send ETH” and enter the (public) wallet address of your MyEtherWallet.  

Send your TPIx from MyEtherWallet to the "Coinbase Wallet" on your phone.

  • Select TPIX in the drop-down menu

  • Amount : 1

  • To Address : Enter the public key of your "Coinbase Wallet"

  • The public key (wallet address) of your "Coinbase Wallet" is visible if you click the QR code in the app next to Send and Receive buttons. 

It will take a few minutes for computers across the distributed ledger to confirm your transaction and add an immutable record of the transaction to the Ethereum blockchain. Once a sufficient number of nodes have done so, your transaction will be recorded, and you will be able to see your TPIx in your wallet.

See the TPIX in your "Coinbase Wallet" on your phone.

  • You may need to add a Custom Token to see the TPIX in your wallet. 


Congratulations, again! This wallet is truly your own, and you have now joined the crypto revolution.


2. Let us help if you registered for the Forum. 

Download “Coinbase Wallet” from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Any ERC-20-compatible wallet that displays custom tokens will work, but we recommend "Coinbase Wallet" due to its simplicity. If you want to use your computer rather than your phone, a good option is a browser extension called


In "Coinbase Wallet," click “Receive” on the home screen.

  • In the “Search coin” search bar, type TPIx. No results will show.

  • Click the “+” symbol to “Add any ERC20 token.”

  • A new window will show your wallet address in a QR code or text string. By email or in person, send us this Wallet Address. This is the public key, so it is safe to send by email or text.

  • We will send 1 TPIx token to this wallet.

  • To see your TPIX token, you will need to add the TPIX token.

    • In the “Search coin” search bar, type TPIx.   


3. Let us do it for you in Aspen if you are coming to the Forum.

​We get it. Nobody's got time for this.

Bring your plastic token to Aspen and we'll take care of it for you at the conference registration desk.

To speed the process, download the "Coinbase Wallet" app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store before you get there.


Can I Track My TPIX on the Blockchain?

Why, yes you can. TPIx lives on a decentralized blockchain. Anyone who has your public key can find it and see it being used for transactions. That’s the nature of the blockchain. The transactions are public. The public key is the address of the wallet.

Here’s how to watch the TPIx:



What, exactly, is the TPIX?

TPIx is an ERC-20 Ethereum token. That means it’s a fungible token according to the Ethereum token standard. We created the token with a smart contract written in Solidity. We minted a total supply of 10,000 tokens which can be split into smaller fractional shares with as many as 18 decimal places. You can read the smart contract source code here:


So what is the plastic token?

The token is a vehicle for the public and private keys. By providing you with the public and private key, we are technically mailing you a paper wallet. There are several types of wallets including hardware wallets, software wallets, and paper wallets. Hardware wallets look like USB drives and connect to your computer. Software wallets are in the cloud. Paper wallets are printouts of a private key code that can be stored offline in a security deposit box.


What can I do with one TPIx?

Come to the TPI Aspen Forum to find out! In the meantime, one TPIx plus $3.65 will get you a Starbucks latte.