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Kat Walsh


General Counsel, Creative Commons

Kat Walsh is the General Counsel at Creative Commons. She was on the CC legal team 2012-2015 during the drafting and initial publication process of version 4.0 of the license suite and returned as Deputy General Counsel in 2021. She has a nearly 20-year history in the free and open culture movements, including many years on the boards of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Free Software Foundation, and has previously worked in library policy, technology startups, and online community management. Kat is an advocate for free access to knowledge and for CC licensing as part of the infrastructure for an internet that belongs to everyone. As General Counsel, she oversees the legal support for all aspects of CC's activities, provides strategic input, leads the stewardship of CC’s legal tools, and advises the organization on new programmatic initiatives. When not practicing law, Kat is also a bassoonist, violist, choral singer, and powerlifter. She is based in Novato, California.

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