Jodee Rich

Co-Founder & CEO, PeopleBrowsr and NFT.Kred

Jodee Rich is the CEO of PeopleBrowsr and creator of new Top Level Domains dotCEO, dotBest and dotKred.

Throughout his career, Jodee has stood at the forefront of disruptive change. He first wrote code on punch cards in 1972. By 1979 he was writing software for the Apple II 64k microcomputer and subsequently founded Imagineering to market and distribute computer software and hardware. Jodee took Imagineering public in 1987 and grew the company to over 1,000 employees before it was acquired in 1990 by First Pacific. He then established mobile and long distance network operator One.Tel in 1995.

In 2007 Jodee started PeopleBrowsr, a provider of social media data, campaigns and analytics. The company has developed a DataMine of 1,500 days of collective intelligence from social media to provide marketing campaigns and advanced analytics to Fortune 500 companies and agencies. In 2011 PeopleBrowsr launched Kred, an authoritative measure of community influence and outreach based on social media interactions.

PeopleBrowsr has built a 20 Terrabyte 4 year DataMine of public online conversations and provides Data, Campaigns and Advanced Analytics to Fortune 500 Companies.

Prior to PeopleBrowsr, Rich was the catalyst of several successful technology ventures. In 1980 he established Imagineering, a microcomputer software and hardware distributor with operations in Australia and Southeast Asia. He later formed One.Tel, a service provider of GSM mobile and long distance calls, One.Tel, in 1995. One.Tel UK was purchased by British Gas, a subsidiary of Centrica, for $200 million and over one million customers continue to be served under the One.Tel brand.

Jodee is a frequent speaker at top social media, TLD, domaining and digital marketing conferences. He is noted for his presentations on the potential of social media to produce disruptive change and unlock human potential. Recent appearances include Ad:tech, ICANN 48 and NamesCon.

409 12th Street, SW
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Washington, DC 20024

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