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The Technology Policy Institute's Eleventh Annual

Aspen Forum


October 19-23, 2020

This year’s TPI Forum will be the place to discuss everything we’ve learned about technology policy this year with government, industry, and academic leaders.

This year’s TPI Aspen Forum will be virtual and is scheduled for October 19-23. TPI Aspen brings together experts across business, industry, and government to discuss how tech policy and regulation impact daily life. Through panel discussions and fireside chats, participants discuss experiences with tech policy—what worked, what did not, what we still need to understand, and how policy can make technology work for everyone.


2020 has been an unprecedented year. This year’s forum will explore topics at the top of the regulatory agenda and provide context for decision makers as we navigate a “new normal” and an election year.

Due to COVID-19, Aspen Forum will be held virtually. We hope that everyone remains safe and healthy as we navigate through a new normal. 


2020 Agenda

The year's Aspen Agenda is up and running. Check out the list of panels and times below.

2019: tpix

Video Recordings of Panels

Missed last year's Aspen? Or went to Aspen, but now looking to relive the experience? Link to all the videos from this year's Aspen forum below.


Aspen Forum 2020 will be held virtually. Registration is now open! Register now to reserve your spot.

2020 speakers

Fiona Alexander
Jane Bambauer
Julie Brill
Brendan Carr
Mignon Clyburn
Ian Conner
Neil Fried
Jason Furman
Bruno Gencarelli
Ed Gillespie
Eric Goldman
Kathleen Grillo
David Gross
Ceri Howes
Larry Irving
Aynne Kokas
Judith Mariscal
Laura Martin
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Robert McDowell
Maureen Ohlhausen
Tom Orlik
Edith Ramirez
Mitch Rose
Gregory Rosston
Samm Sacks
Miriam Sapiro
Rebecca Slaughter
Andrew Smith
Geoffrey Starks
Jamie Susskind
Bryan Tramont
Catherine Tucker
Hal Varian
Christine S. Wilson
Joshua Wright
Ali Yurukoglu
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